Sketching William sketches of a scruffy hound - and sometimes I add a little orange terror called Hamish

The sketches....... often a quick pen outline ~ sometimes a photo and work from that.

I draw what he gets up to, no matter how the finished drawing looks. I hope you enjoy seeing them......ann

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Friday, April 15

Dashing through the surf

William doesn't even TRY to keep up!


  1. Nice sketch of the little fella. I bet William's not too far behind :-)

  2. after seeing his energy on the beach with the stick I find that hard to believe!
    and btw...
    THANK YOU for not putting silly music in your videos.
    i'd much rather hear the sound of the sea and his joy and footsteps!
    and it's especially wonderful to hear all your voices... like with hamish and the newspaper... and your laugh when he's about to run you over!... and dad's when offering him jerky treats. LOVE IT!

    1. Thanks Tammy - nice to have your feelings on the sound, I've wondered if music would be better, but you've settled that inner question for me :-)