Sketching William sketches of a scruffy hound - and sometimes I add a little orange terror called Hamish

The sketches....... often a quick pen outline ~ sometimes a photo and work from that.

I draw what he gets up to, no matter how the finished drawing looks. I hope you enjoy seeing them......ann

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Tuesday, January 26

Hey!! how did Hamish sneak in here!

~ Little Mischief ~


  1. i can never see him now without picturing him
    digging his way to china with his buddy clooney!!!
    i must have watched it dozens of times now...
    and i LOLOLOL every SINGLE time!
    Sir Sandy Feet! or digger for short.

  2. Little mischief is a perfect description and your painting is perfect too! :)

  3. Who knows....but it's lovely to see him :)