About Sketching William.......

About these sketches....I have various techniques for capturing William. Apart from quick pen outlines to remind me of his pose, I will take a photo and work from that. When he stands still long enough, I'll do a complete sketch en plein air ~ All the drawings are things he has done and been up to, good or naughty, all forming a permanent reminder of those little things in life that makes having him so worthwhile. I admit not all the drawings are complete or perfect in any way, but when I originally set out to capture him, I decided they would be fun and to get too hung up on perfection would take away that fun. I hope you enjoy seeing them......ann
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27 Nov 2015


I thought sneaking up on the lad would work, 
but somehow he knew I was there.


  1. Of course he knew, it's his extra sensory perception at work :)

  2. They always know, don't they?

    And I'm just noticing the blog header -- I LOVE it!!!

  3. it's all in the nose mum!
    they can smell miles away! maybe he's got a little bloodhound in him too! :) ♥

    1. Well he seems to have everything else Tammy, bloodhound wouldn't surprise me, lol ;)