Sketching William sketches of a scruffy hound - and sometimes I add a little orange terror called Hamish

The sketches....... often a quick pen outline ~ sometimes a photo and work from that.

I draw what he gets up to, no matter how the finished drawing looks. I hope you enjoy seeing them......ann

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Thursday, April 17

Finding a stick....

....and then what happens, the sea gets it first.

poor William, he was SO hoping to take it home.


  1. LOL a bit big hey William? Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

    1. Still didn't stop him hoping to drag it off the beach though, lol :-)

  2. Oh no William! That just is not fair after you got so excited! I kind of feel that way when i try to get photos of birds quickly before they fly away! :). I hope you have better luck next time!

    1. Hi Mary, he sort of looked at us as if to say "are you going to sort this out for me"? So sweet, he LOVED that stick :-)