Sketching William sketches of a scruffy hound - and sometimes I add a little orange terror called Hamish

The sketches....... often a quick pen outline ~ sometimes a photo and work from that.

I draw what he gets up to, no matter how the finished drawing looks. I hope you enjoy seeing them......ann

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Tuesday, April 16


The certain look that tells us very clearly he wants to go into the sitting room after his walk....... when he gets home dripping wet!!!     He will stand very squarely by the door Looking the way he wants to go!!!

Until he is dry....clearly you can guess our answer!


  1. Oh dear William they don't let you go and dry yourself on the soft furnishings? Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Like his expression and the added color in this sketch :)

  3. William knows where to get dried off. :)We keep towels by the doors and Annie cant go past them before she gets her feet wiped. Even more so when all wet. She stops and waits too. The slight color draws you into the room giving it depth.

    1. Thanks Cris, glad you liked this. yes, we have a towel handy for William too, but he tries so hard to tell us he should lay on the settee to dry off!!! (I don't think so) lol.

  4. Ah yes, I remember